Who We Are

Who is Brain Gym® in South Africa?

Brain Gym® in South Africa (BGinSA) is a non-profit umbrella organisation whose members are recognised and licenced individuals who are Brain Gym® Consultants, Instructors and Movement Facilitators.

Our members individually work for profit to benefit children with learning challenges, individuals, businesses, and the community. This is equivalent to other qualified professionals belonging to umbrella organisations such as doctors belonging to medical councils and engineers belonging to engineering councils. Through umbrella organisations you can find qualified professionals in your area and verify their qualifications to ensure quality service.

BGinSA is an official affiliate of Breakthroughs International (formerly known as Brain Gym® International). Our courses are internationally recognised and accredited. This means that if you move to a new country, the qualifications obtained through BGinSA remain valid.

We encourage you to contact consultants in your area directly. Please refer to the “Courses”, and “Find Us” drop down menu to find a professional Brain Gym ® Instructor, Consultant, or Movement Facilitator close to you.

What can Edu-K (Brain Gym® Balancing) and Brain Gym® do for individuals, our community and society?

The diagram below is an illustration of how society changes with individuals. As people get the opportunity to build self-esteem and unlock their potential, they are inclined to share and help each other more. Consequently, the people around them are affected and uplifted and their community is positively influenced.

You can experience Edu-K and Brain Gym® through individual consultations. Alternatively experience personal growth by entering the learning track and applying these powerful techniques yourself.

brain gym circle